Bolt Down Mounts

B type bolt-down engine and machinery mounts are designed for marine, generators and other general applications. These mounts are fail safe ie. captured design.

Mounts are fitted with patented 360 degree integral thrust ring for enhanced stability. All metal components are zinc-plated to ASTM B633 SC3 standard. The bolt length required is dependent on the application. A standard length bolt is supplied. Allow a minimum of 1 x bolt diameter and maximum of 1.5 x bolt diameter into the mount.

2 x flat washers and 1 x spring washer are supplied. Ensure that they are fitted properly. Base bolts are not supplied. Stainless steel fittings available on request.


Working Load
Per Mount (kg)(lb)
Base Footprint
LxW (mm)(in)
Base Bolt
Centers (mm)(in)
Base Bolt
DIA (mm)(in)
Thickness (mm)(in)
DIA (mm)(in)
Free Height (mm)(in)
Weight (kg)(lb)Data Sheet
M100-20B75-350165-770188 x 1007.40 x 3.941405.51121/2200.7920M20 (3/4" approx)752.951.53.3Download
M100-24B75-350165-770188 x 1007.40 x 3.941405.51121/2200.7924M24 (1" approx)783.071.73.7Download
M110-20B75-350165-770220 x 1068.66 x 4.171706.69165/8250.9820M20 (3/4" approx)933.661.84.0Download
M110-24B75-350165-770220 x 1068.66 x 4.171706.69165/8250.9824M24 (1" approx)963.782.04.4Download
M125HD-20B250-750550-1650240 x 1279.45 x 5.001706.69165/8250.9820M20 (3/4" approx)973.822.24.8Download
M125HD-24B250-750550-1650240 x 1279.45 x 5.001706.69165/8250.9824M24 (1" approx)1003.942.24.8Download
M125XHD-24B600-10001320-2200240 x 1279.45 x 5.001706.69165/8250.9824M24 (1" approx)1003.943.16.8Download
MD125HD-24DB500-15001100-3300370 x 12814.57 x 5.0430812.13165/8250.982 x 242 x M24 (1" approx)1003.945.111.2Download
MD125XHD-24DB1200-20002640-4400370 x 12814.57 x 5.0430812.13165/8250.982 x 242 x M24 (1" approx)1003.945.913.0Download
M127HD-20B250-750550-1650240 x 1279.45 x 5.001827.17165/8250.9820M20 (3/4" approx)973.822.24.8Download
M127HD-24B250-750550-1650240 x 1279.45 x 5.001827.17165/8250.9824M24 (1" approx)1003.942.24.8Download
M127XHD-24B600-10001320-2200240 x 1279.45 x 5.001827.17165/8250.9824M24 (1" approx)1003.943.06.6Download
M130HD-20B250-750550-1650240 x 1279.45 x 5.001827.17165/8250.9820M20 (3/4" approx)752.952.24.8Download
M130HD-24B250-750550-1650240 x 1279.45 x 5.001827.17165/8250.9824M24 (1" approx)783.072.75.9Download
M130XHD-24B600-10001320-2200240 x 1279.45 x 5.001827.17165/8250.9824M24 (1" approx)783.072.75.9Download
M130HDLP-24B250-750550-1650240 x 1279.45 x 5.001827.17165/8250.9824M24 (1" approx)722.832.24.8Download
M130XHDLP-24B600-10001320-2200240 x 1279.45 x 5.001827.17165/8250.9824M24 (1" approx)722.832.24.8Download
M136HD-24B500-12001100-2640240 x 1459.45 x 5.711827.17165/8250.9824M24 (1" approx)1003.943.78.1Download
M139HD-24B500-12001100-2640236 x 1479.29 x 5.79185 x 657.28 x 2.56165/8250.9824M24 (1" approx)873.433.88.4Download
M140HD-24B600-16001320-3520240 x 1459.45 x 5.591827.17165/8250.9824M24 (1" approx)853.354.29.2Contact Us
M55-12B25-20055-440134 x 755.28 x 2.95100-1053.94 - 4.13103/814.50.5712M12 (1/2" approx)602.360.40.9Download
M55-16B25-20055-440134 x 755.28 x 2.95100-1053.94 - 4.13103/814.50.5716M16 (5/8" approx)602.360.51.1Download
M75-16B75-300165-660177 x 986.97 x 3.861275.00121/2200.7916M16 (5/8" approx)622.441.12.4Download
M75-20B75-300165-660177 x 986.97 x 3.861275.00121/2200.7920M20 (3/4" approx)622.441.53.3Download
M85-16B75-300165-660190 x 987.48 x 3.861405.51121/2200.7916M16 (5/8" approx)622.441.22.6Download
M85-20B75-300165-660190 x 987.48 x 3.861405.51121/2200.7920M20 (3/4" approx)622.441.63.5Download
M90-20B75-350165-770177 x 1006.97 x 3.941275.00121/2200.7920M20 (3/4" approx)752.951.32.9Download
M90-24B75-350165-770177 x 1006.97 x 3.941275.00121/2200.7924M24 (1" approx)783.071.63.5Download