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Marine Engine Mounts

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Click on the link above to use the engine mount/isolator selection tool. You will find hundreds of selections for most common applications. IsoFlex vibration isolators are configured to replace most common and many uncommon mounts and isolators as a direct re-fit. Many marine engines have standard mounts included in the package, but there can be variations due to:
-Different models - Different factory supply – Different specifications

Sometimes we find different mounts have been replaced during their life, or boat builders have used different mounts/isolators to suit their own requirements. While we make every effort to select the regular mount/isolator, please check with the dimensions provided on the data sheet to ensure ease of replacement.

This drop-down menu is mainly for pleasure craft and replacement of OEM parts. Refer to IsoFlex or your local agent for unique or high demand applications, ie. V-drive, high reduction ratios, high speed, high impact, etc. We are here to help.

Get the Isoflex Mount Sizing Worksheet

1)  Download our engine mount sizing worksheet.
2)  Fill in the PDF by typing in the designated fields; save the document and email it to us at, OR,
3)  Print it out, scan and email

  • MAXImount Adjusting Stud Mounts

    MAXImount Adjusting Stud Mounts

    S Type adjusting stud engine and machinery mounts are designed specifically for marine, high performance and other thrust load installations where height adjustment is required. These mounts are complete with high tensile studs, are fail safe, ie. captured design and tested to a...

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  • MAXImount Bolt Down Mounts

    MAXImount Bolt Down Mounts

    B type bolt-down engine and machinery mounts are designed for marine, generators and other general applications. These mounts are fail safe ie. captured design and tested to a minimum 6G force loading in thrust, axial, lateral and inverted directions and fitted with overload...

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  • Light Machinery Mounts

    Light Machinery Mounts

    Light machinery mounts are supplied with a stainless steel M6X20 hex bolt and flat washer, a stainless steel 20dia flat washer and stainless steel M6 flat washers....

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  • Cylindrical Mounts

    Cylindrical Mounts

    Cylindrical mounts have a threaded insert at both ends. ...

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  • General Purpose Mounts
  • Superstructure & Wheelhouse Isolators

    Superstructure & Wheelhouse Isolators

    Superstructure and wheelhouse isolation mounts for HEAVY DUTY Commercial Vessels: Provide vibration & electrical isolation of superstructure/wheelhouses from vessel hulls. Fail-safe construction. Engineereing polymer and 316 stainless steel components = no rot, no rust. Used by extreme duty pilot boats and passenger ferries. Can be tuned by changing...

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