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Isoflex Technologies International

Isoflex is found throughout the world, from Greenland to the U.S. to Asia and the Middle East. Isoflex products are 100% Australian designed and manufactured.

In 2005, a team of professional engineers in Coomera, Australia, set out to improve upon what was available to the marine market in vibration minimizing products.  Using a more stable polymer than what could be found in comparable products, IsoFlex designed and manufactured engine mounts and flexible gearbox couplings that resulted in at least 85% vibration isolation at the worst case engine idle scenario.

The Isoflex Process

Isoflex’s product development process is driven by not only engineering principles, but by practical response from end users. Customer input is an integral part of the process: Isoflex has also developed a pre-installation custom software tool that helps to identify the correct mounting system for a range of applications, along with software analysis to identify the level of vibration through a range of RPM.  The result – the customer knows what they’ll be getting, and how the mount will perform, even before installation.

Isoflex in the United States

Isoflex has been available in the U.S market since 2009 through a selection of dealers. Isoflex’s U.S-based headquarters is in Deerfield Beach, FL.

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